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Interesting Article on IP’s Benefits to VA’s Economy

Even as manufacturing and heavy industry is outsourced, I am ever encouraged by America’s very, very strong intellectual property regime.  Here is an encouraging article on Virginia’s (and our country’s) continued culture of innovation in the Jefferson Policy Journal, especially in the area of biotechnology.


Entertainment Meets Intellectual Property

When I mention that I engage in intellectual property law, a lot of people simply look askance. Yet, as I tell my students, intellectual property drives the United States economy and creates the opportunity for us to level the playing field with low wage developing nations through our creative and entrepreneurial spirit.  Think entertainment, science […]


Innovation, Not Litigation

Companies can become overly aggressive in their efforts to obtain and enforce intellectual property rights. For example, two days after special operations forces killed Osama Bin Laden, as my colleague Donna Chmura noted, Disney filed federal trademark applications for “SEAL TEAM 6” for toys, handheld computer games, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree ornaments and decorations, snow […]