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Social Media and Juries Don’t Mix

As a follow up post, I thought it helpful to note that federal courts are increasingly sophisicated as to jurors that use social media during trial.  Frankly, I am not sure if you can sequester a juror without the use of such media especially when it has nothing to do with the case–still, here are proposed […]


Lawyers on Social Media Have Risks

The mixture of lawyers and social media seem to be the equivalent of the Tom Cruise/Katie Homes relationship—let’s get married and see how it works out.  But, as we have observed, that is “risky business” (insert groan). Social media has sprung a number of ethical issues on which I have commented previously and which Paul […]


How We Communicate

In an interesting article in the ABA Journal, Debra Cassens Weiss investigates the societal change in human interaction brought about by technology. While she directs her attention to how law students work with others, the emphasis is on a perceived lessening of human interaction. I think many would surmise (not earth shattering) that our electronic […]


FaceBook and Jurors Don’t Mix

In the latest occurrence of  juror idiocy, a St. Petersburg television station reports that Jacob Jock (real name) sent a FaceBook friend request to a female civil defendant (characterized as both young and attractive) during the course of trial.  The judge was not amused and Jock was dimissed from the jury.  Not content with his dismissal, Jock […]


More Fun With FaceBook

Here, are two recently reported stories highlighting the vagaries of FaceBook and other such social media outlets. First, enter Dana Thornton. Apparently, she was not fond of her ex-boyfriend and decided to create a FaceBook page for him. She is accused of creating a fake profile of her ex-boyfriend, a Parsippany, New Jersey narcotics detective, […]


Can a Lawyer Blog?

From the title of the blog, I should probably amend it to ask whether a lawyer “may” blog as opposed to “can” blog.  I jest because I find that application of the rules governing lawyer advertising seem designed for fifth graders and zombies with a pulse (obligatory Halloween reference). It would be remiss if I did […]


Technology and Ethics

The intersection of legal ethics and technology has been an interest of mine since Al Gore “invented the Internet.” Earlier this year, I was interviewed for an article for the American Bar Association on the topic, “Technology and Ethics: Online Marketing and Networking,” which was recently published, and welcome your thoughts and comments.


Lawyers Spy on FaceBook? Watching the Detectives….

Here’s the situation: a witness is heavily involved in social media such that she will “friend” anyone that asks. Some have wondered whether an attorney or her assistant could use their real identity and gain access to, for example, a FaceBook site after the account holder accepts