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Lawyers on Social Media Have Risks

The mixture of lawyers and social media seem to be the equivalent of the Tom Cruise/Katie Homes relationship—let’s get married and see how it works out.  But, as we have observed, that is “risky business” (insert groan). Social media has sprung a number of ethical issues on which I have commented previously and which Paul […]


Can a Lawyer Blog?

From the title of the blog, I should probably amend it to ask whether a lawyer “may” blog as opposed to “can” blog.  I jest because I find that application of the rules governing lawyer advertising seem designed for fifth graders and zombies with a pulse (obligatory Halloween reference). It would be remiss if I did […]


The Travails of a Law Firm Associate?

A former first year law associate filed a fourteen count complaint against his former firm seeking $77 million.  Some thoughts.  In the law suit, the associate claims that: “[The firm] had told [him] it eschews artificial hierarchical structure, then refused [him] an assignment because it would be ‘unfair to the other associates.’ It told [him] […]


Who’s Your Lawyer?

How institutions select lawyers is not a secret; relationships and reputations play a big role. An interesting article in the March 2010 issue of Claims magazine by Domenick DiCicco offers another truism: