Entertainment Meets Intellectual Property

By: Jeffrey Hamilton Geiger. This was posted Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

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When I mention that I engage in intellectual property law, a lot of people simply look askance. Yet, as I tell my students, intellectual property drives the United States economy and creates the opportunity for us to level the playing field with low wage developing nations through our creative and entrepreneurial spirit.  Think entertainment, science and, uh, entertainment.

 In honor of our People-obsessed culture, I offer the following top hits: 

  1. Basketball star Anthony Davis (Kentucky) is seeking trademark protection ostensibly for his unibrow.  While most of us would suggest a good set of tweezers, he wants to monetize the monobrow.
  2. Tim Tebow (along with many others) is seeking trademark protection for “Tebowing” and variants of the mark.   I am not sure if he has a prayer of success….
  3. Infamous boxing legend Mike Tyson played a bit role in “Hangover” and “Hangover Part II“—the intellectual property angle?  His tattoo artist claimed that the film violated his copyright interests when it used tattoo art on actor Ed Helms “similar” to the facial tattoo he created for Tyson.  The “artiste” threatened to shut the movie down.  Cannes was a-flutter.  
  4. Disney, in a public relations coup, sought trademark protection for the mark “Seal Team 6″ following the death of Osama bin Laden.  Scrooge McDuck had second thoughts and abandoned the application.

Did I miss any?

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