FaceBook and Jurors Don’t Mix

By: Jeffrey Hamilton Geiger. This was posted Thursday, February 9th, 2012

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In the latest occurrence of  juror idiocy, a St. Petersburg television station reports that Jacob Jock (real name) sent a FaceBook friend request to a female civil defendant (characterized as both young and attractive) during the course of trial.  The judge was not amused and Jock was dimissed from the jury.  Not content with his dismissal, Jock apparently posted on his FaceBook page, “Ha, ha, ha, I got out of jury duty.”   

The bottom line is that he apparently did not get a date with the defendant; but he did get a date with the judge to discuss Jock’s alleged contempt of court.


The court did not take too kindly to the posts and placed Jock in jail.

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