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Justice Clarence Thomas and Some Criticism

Reading an article concerning Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, my interest was piqued in that I had lunch yesterday at a bar function with a lawyer who described his experience in meeting with him as a summer law clerk at a local firm. Many commentators express with seeming disdain that Justice Thomas is not active […]


Who Says the French Make Great Lovers?

While I normally shy away from salacious topics (or I try to), The Telegraph reported that a court in France awarded $14,000 to an ex-wife because her former husband failed to engage in ample sexual relations during their 21 year marriage. Apparently, he was tired and had health problems. The court ruled that “A sexual […]


Green Day, Saggy Pants and Private Business

As a fan of Green Day, I read with amusement that its front man, Billie Joe Armstrong, says he was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday night for wearing his pants too low.  He reported this via Twitter, saying, “Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What […]