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Sale of Class Notes Objectionable?

So, you are in class and take notes from the professor’s lecture. A classmate misses class and asks you to share your notes and you do. Problem? What if you posted your notes online? Or, better yet, what if you embraced our entrepreneurial spirit and posted your notes online and charged a fee for someone […]


Technology and Ethics

The intersection of legal ethics and technology has been an interest of mine since Al Gore “invented the Internet.” Earlier this year, I was interviewed for an article for the American Bar Association on the topic, “Technology and Ethics: Online Marketing and Networking,” which was recently published, and welcome your thoughts and comments.


Skiing With Lawyers Can Be Dangerous to Your Appeal

In a rebuke to the “blame game,” the Virginia Supreme Court affirmed a trial court’s decision to kick out a legal malpractice case on summary judgment. In Wintergreen Partners, Inc. v. McGuireWoods, LLP, Wintergreen contended that its former lawyers at McGuireWoods screwed up an appeal. As noted by the Supreme Court, McGuireWoods “failed to ensure […]