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A Common Sense Conspiracy

Here’s my point: stop turning every bad business decision into a conspiracy claim. Enough is enough. Based on an anecdotal review of recent civil actions, it is as if the mafia is threatening to break an arm on every business transaction. Simply stated, contracts may be breached, but


Unicorn Meat and Trademarks

Here’s the deal. You may own a trademark. A trademark is simply an adjective describing your good or service. Trademarks are designed to assist the consumer avoid confusion as to the source of the goods. For example, if I started a fast-food restaurant and


Sex Tarnishes Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret seems poised to take the “sex” out of “sexy” with its crusade against a small retail store in Kentucky, “Victor’s Little Secret,” that sells sexually oriented merchandise.


World Cup Fever

I apologize to my devoted readers as I have been afflicted by World Cup fever over the past few weeks. But let not your hearts be troubled as I am expected to make a full recovery after the USA’s dramatic win today over Algeria. In between matches, I have been scouring a great number of […]